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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Dear friends,

I am so pleased to welcome you to my first blog entry on my website! Through this difficult time, I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to finalize my website and share my musical world with you. Along with being a musician, I love to write and tell stories about performances or about the "everyday life of a classical musician". Being born into a family of musicians, music has always been the center of my world. I believe that I am truly lucky to be a musician, and I am eternally thankful to my parents, Cristina and Alexis Hauser.

My next post will be on April 25th 2020, for a very special reason: a year ago, I had the incredible opportunity to perform Mozart G Major Violin Concerto K.216 with my father and the Pronto Musica Chamber orchestra in Montreal, QC. This performance was special for so many reasons, and also quite adventurous, as it was my first performance as a soloist with an orchestra. I look forward to telling you about it.

What to do during quarantine? One thing I love to do is look at family pictures and discovering either hilarious or adorable pictures of my first steps on the violin. This picture was taken during a festival in Montreal, in 2006 if I recall correctly. I remember thinking: "there's no way I had such a "perfect" posture when I was little." Of course, when you start, your teacher prepares you and your posture before performing. I was so lucky to have started the violin with Prof. Lucine Balikian. She was amazing. She used to do little concerts, every Sunday, where the beginners (myself included) played nothing but 2-3 notes, or very short pieces (20-30 seconds). At the time, I didn't understand the necessity of all these concerts. Today, as a 22 years old young lady, I understand and am forever thankful, as I don't really have any stage fright! But, we will talk about this in another post, or else I won't have much left to say...

Until then, I wish you all, fellow readers, to stay safe and healthy; may you take this time to do things you may not have had the time to do previously! And of course, I hope you will enjoy my next entries.

Hugs from Mödling,


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